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Kestrel Meters

Wind Meters and Handheld Weather Meters from Kestrelmeters


Kestrel Meters are manufactured by NK (Nielsen-Kellerman)—An American company known for specialty products NK® Rowing & Paddling, Kestrel® Pocket Weather Meters, and Blue Ocean® Audio products. The Nielsen-Kellerman Company designs, manufactures and distributes waterproof instruments for active lifestyles and many technical applications.  All products are made in Boothwyn, PA, USA.

The meteorological data provided by a single hand held Kestrel weather and wind speed meter like the Kestrel 4000used to require expensive equipment that took up a truckload of space. Today, Kestrel wind meters and weather meters are as small as a mobile phone – and cost about the same. Hardly delicate pieces of equipment, Kestrel Meters are tough, immune to the elements, and even float in water.

Not just for weekend weather watchers, the extraordinary range of uses Kestrel wind and weather meters provide have made them required equipment in a wide range of professional settings. Firefighters, farmers, HVAC techs and military personnel all over the world have Kestrel wind speed and weather meters on hand to gather accurate, real-time weather data.

Wind Velocity Meters for Long Range Shooting & Military Use


Accurate wind speed measurements are crucial to military operations ranging from paratroop drop zone safety to civil engineering, as well as to personnel such as snipers or artillery specialists. Automatic logging of weather phenomenon using a Kestrel 4000 or 4500 (which also measures crosswind, tailwind, etc.) allows military professionals to keep track of local conditions, and make informed judgments about everything from work and rest periods to hydration and operation timelines. But Kestrel meters are just as at home being used by hobbyist sport shooters, who often opt for the Kestrel 1000, 2500, or 3000. But if there’s only one thing the sport shooters and military personnel agree on, it’s the rugged durability of Kestrel meters in the often-harsh environments in which they are used. Of course, be sure to view our comprehensive Kestrel Meter comparison chart and meter product pages to best determine which meter has the features you need.

Wind Speed Meters for Fire Fighting and Hazmat Professionals


Fire and EMT professionals all rely on accurate weather data to properly execute their essential responsibilities. Wildland firefighters can replace their out-dated belt weather kits with a single, cell-phone sized Kestrel Meter, while urban firefighters use Kestrel Meters to measure wind speed before deploying ladders and aerial equipment. Generally, fire fighters opt for the 3000, 3500 (which is in fact designed especially for firefighters) or 4000. HAZMAT techs often go for the flagship 4500. Of course, be sure to view our comprehensive Kestrel Meter comparison chart and meter product pages to best determine which meter has the features you need.

Anemometers and Handheld Weather Trackers for Outdoor Enthusiaists


Whatever brings you outdoors – work, sport or just plain relaxation – nothing’s worse than when a sudden change in weather catches you off guard. But with a Kestrel weather meter from, you can stay on top of your environment in real time, at all times. Whether it’s alerting you to an approaching storm or allowing you to keep tabs on wind chill, Kestrel meters equip you with the knowledge to make safe and confident decisions in the great outdoors.

Choose the Kestrel Meter model that best fits your outdoor needs based on the features and capabilities you desire. Browse through the meters listed below, or view our easy comparison chart to quickly identify features you want and the Kestrel Meter that’s right for you.