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Oy Silenta Ltd is one of the market leaders in hearing protection manufacturing. We have specialized in the development and production of high quality hearing protectors for over 50 years. Besides of hearing protectors, we manufacture face protection and technical plastics. Silenta products are CE-approved, made in Finland and tested in accordance with the EAN 352 and ANSI S3.19-1974 standards. Our operations are in strict accordance with ISO 9001 quality system demands.

Silenta hearing protectors are delivered worldwide to industry, defense forces and for free time applications. Approximately 80-90% of the production is exported.

For Silenta, the driving force for everything we do is to create a positive impact on people and working environment. Our philosophy is to manufacture and promote high quality PPE products and to protect people’s hearing and face in order to improve occupational and personal health and safety.

We answer in challenges by our continuous research and development efforts with our partners, resulting in the release of new innovative safety products. The new electronic hearing protector series is a result of this innovative development work made by the company Oy Silenta Electronics Ltd, a member of the Silenta group.


A hearing protector headset with Bluetooth® technology and attachment to safety helmets. It is designed for the most demanding noise environments where efficient hearing and head protection is needed. Easy Clip-on adapter system is compatible with common slotted safety helmets on the market. The A-Com BT Cap’s  advanced microphone-earphone system enables clear and reliable communication in the most demanding noise environments as mines and many industrial applications. It provides excellent attenuation over the full frequency range. Spacious ear cups and soft ear seals make it comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Silentex Cap-models can be combined with the Silenta Multiscreens head and face protection.




The Silenta Aurora – series is designed for noisy environments. Advanced technical features and good attenuation capability are the hallmarks of the Aurora and make it is a good choice for demanding noise environments. The combination of light weight, even headband tension and soft ear cushions make it pleasant to wear over longer periods of time.