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Patriot3 Ballistic

Patriot3 is a premier provider of lightweight, mobile Ballistic Products that includes a full line of Personal Protection Shields, Ballistic Fragmentation Systems and Mobile Ballistic Barriers. Patriot3 holds patents or patent pending status on all of its ballistic products and all are 100% Made in the USA. Patriot3 is the sole source provider of all of its products.

Patriot3’s Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield, LadderShield, Flex Shield and Field, Armor Wall and X-TREME PROTECTION (XPS) Series are currently in use by Counter Terrorism Units, Law Enforcement, Federal and Military Agencies, as well as Nuclear Sites and Personal Protection Units around the world. Patriot3’s X-TREME PROTECTION Series Shield is winner of the GovSec Homeland Security Award.

All ballistic materials used in Patriot3 products undergo extensive ballistic testing at a prominent US testing laboratory to ensure they meet or exceed NIJ Standard requirements. Patriot3 ballistic shields also endure rigorous field-testing by participating Law Enforcement Agencies and the highly regarded NTOA Member Tested Program.

Patriot3 has ballistic products in all stages of development and maintains close working relationships with operators to keep current Patriot3 products innovative and develop new cutting edge products based on operator needs. Patriot3 is dedicated to providing the most innovative, reliable and operator friendly ballistic shields available.

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