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Carinthia insulation garments



Our individual thermal insulation products filled with G-LOFT  insulation, are the result of our intensive R&D program.

Following extensive testing, most European military forces opted for G·Loft insulation.
Our high insulation garments and our high quality sleeping bags are used by regular military as well as special-forces units in their operational deployments and normal field exercises. Even under the most extreme climatic conditions G·LOFT offers superior performance along with the comfort required for effective rest. This extraordinary quality has been achieved after years of systematic research using the natural properties of goose down as the benchmark.

Carinthia thermal insulation products offers unbeatable performance in 3 decisive criteria:

• highest thermal insulation
• at a low pack size (compressibility of the filling)
• and low weight

Furthermore, the key criteria of durability and comfort that we provide are essential to professional users of our sleeping bags and high-insulation garments.

Developed for challenging conditions for police on point duties and patrol, operational capability must be ensured at any moment, especially at cold temperatures.

Law enforcement officers performing unsheltered, static duties after a period of high activity, require proper insulation in order to guard against hypothermia brought on by wind and weather.

An unprotected officer can quickly become another casualty of cold when not correctly insulated. G-LOFT, with its unmatched insulation properties and excellent compression, give officers premium protection that should be part of any uniform.

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