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Original BUFF

BUFF® is the world’s leading brand of multifunctional headwear packed with technical performance; it wicks, is compact and wind resistant, fast drying and won’t fade or lose elasticity. BUFF® headwear is incredibly versatile as well as fun and functional.

Protection Buff

Buff® Protection is dedicated to the protection of the working professional in the industrial and military markets and you won’t find anything else as comfortable or as versatile.

MULTI-PURPOSE: ideal for wearing for a wide range of outside jobs, especially where there is a degree of risk from the work environment or the elements – Buff® Protection headwear will help the wearer adapt to these conditions.

SEAMLESS: The Coolmax®, Thermolite® and Nomex® fabric components of Buff Protection products are seamless and hem free to avoid skin irritation or abrasion.

ELASTIC: All products in this line are elastic. That’s why they’re so comfortable and yet never lose their original shape.

VERSATILE: The unique versatility of Buff® Protection products allows them to be worn in different ways to offer different levels of protection in use.

These features make Buff® Protection headwear the ideal accessory for police officers, fire fighters, military personnel and many other professionals working outside.


Ways to wear


Custom BUFF®
Do you need to brand a team or event?
Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Whether you belong to a club, team or association, wish to raise funds, are putting on a special event or need a corporate gift then Custom BUFF® could be for you.

Your BUFF® – featuring your team, club, company logo or emblem, your event, your colour or even a photo. Simply send us your image(s) and tell us which base product you’d like to use, the number you require (from 25 – 25,000) and we’ll do the rest.

So don’t delay. Order your Custom BUFF® today.