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Typhoon was founded 70 years ago by Oscar Gugen. After the second world war Oscar came to England and started up E.T Skinner and also a club for divers which became the British Sub Aqua Club, this grew to become the largest diving club in the world.

E.T Skinner was the first company in the UK to make wetsuits and became the market leaders in diving and sailing equipment. In the 1970’s the name was changed to Typhoon and a factory was built in Redcar where the company still operates today.

In 1976 Typhoon developed the first lightweight drysuit. In 1992 Typhoon designed a revolutionary new suit using Clotex a soft polyester trilaminate fabric alongside other breathable materials, which is now standard for most surface drysuits, making Typhoon suits the most comfortable yet toughest drysuits available.

Today Typhoon is the world’s largest manufacturer of drysuits and a key player in the diving and watersports markets with products specifically designed for all its key leisure markets: diving, sailing, surfing, kayaking, water skiing/boarding and other watersports. Where Typhoon does not have the capability to manufacture the products then leading brands are sourced and distributed into the UK and Europe such as Body Glove and Sherwood.

Dive products

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