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Haix footwear

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“As an innovative high-tech manufacturer of functional footwear HAIX meets the toughest demands in the global arena in terms of functionality, quality and design at the same time as offering outstanding value for money.”

What do the legendary New York Firefighters, the fire services in Mexico City, Hamburg, Moscow, and Cape Town have in common with the German GSG 9.

Counter Terrorism & Special Operations Unit, armed forces in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan and with aid workers in international emergency response operations following earthquake or tsunami disasters? They all wear shoes produced by HAIX.

HAIX has a reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of functional footwear for fire services, the police & armed forces, the forestry & hunting sectors, rescue services as well as workwear. Thanks to the myriad new products developed by the company and its patents the Bavaria-based global player sets the benchmark for others to follow in terms of functionality and innovation on a worldwide scale.

fire-eagle_507501 (2)Fire Hero2Fire

Fire has reignited the unique success story. For over 20 years the boots of HAIX are the footwear for the fire service. They reliably protect the feet of their wearers through sophisticated technology from heat, acid, bacteria and many more


Military units around the world trust in quality from Germany. The largest European armies – in the UK and France – equip their soldiers with boots mainly from the HAIX production. And they know why: if the shoe does not fit absolutely perfect, the consequences for the wearer can be devastating.


Long hours on their feet, but the feet do not hurt. Countless police men and women describe their everyday work with HAIX like this. intensive and extensive research and development work form this perfect fit – the practical experience of customers provide an important contribution to secure the quality in the future also.

 310004_blackeagle_adv30_stone_mid  300002_black-eagle-athletic-10-mid Streetwear

Casual, everyday use and functional: the streetwear line Black Eagle of HAIX combines these properties. A modern design defines the sporty models. In addition, the collective know-how from the production of footwear for extreme use influenced their development regarding functionality. The shoe for everyone who values appearance and quality


The statistics prove it: working with a chainsaw is one of the most dangerous jobs. In addition to act thoughtfully the right equipment is the best protection against injury. HAIX supplies cut protection of various classes of protection – different models for the amateur lumberjack up put o professionals.


Colourful and sporty is the young workwear line Black Eagle Safety. Classic black offer other models. The common element is the audited HAIX security. At the in-house laboratory – unique in the German shoe production – all safety requirements are thoroughly tested.

A human being’s entire weight is supported by their two feet. The 49 individual bones and small joints form the highly complex and distinct make-up of the foot.
The wrong footwear puts additional excessive strain on the feet and can often lead to a situation where the bones and soft tissues are no longer able to carry the increased load.
Leading on from this, orthopaedics incorporated into shoes should not be equated with diseased or misaligned foot anatomy. The starting point of the design process consists
in the shoe designer basing the development of the shoe as closely as possible on the complex anatomy of the foot. The factors they take into account are what functions
are required, the fit and of course – safety for the foot. The upper, sole, support systems and the materials used form an interactive whole. Thank to our traditions going
back many years we are able to draw on this wealth of shoe-making skill. All of our lasts have been developed in line with anatomical and orthopaedic
parameters in collaboration with our clients and research institutes. They have a decisive impact on how the finished shoe fits later on and lasts vary from
manufacturer to manufacturer. Wearing HAIX shoes guards against the risk of misalignment of the feet – and the joints and bones benefit, too.