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Hoerneke TW1000



TW1000 peppersprays by HOERNECKE contain the natural pepper extract Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). The active ingredient is extracted from the hottest chilli peppers and leads to immediate irritation of eyes and respiratory system and thereby incapacitating the attacker. When used as directed, TW1000 OC products have no known side effects.

HOERNECKE – Your OC Specialist with over 30 Years of Experience
Not all peppersprays are the same. For this reason, it is critical to note if a manufacturer has recently “jumped onto the bandwagon” or whether the manufacturer is one with many years of sound experience  – like HOERNECKE, a family-owned business whose laboratory and production is under strict scientific supervision in Germany.

Reliable Protection Against Animal Attacks
With the TW1000 pepperspray you are safe from sudden attacks by dogs and other dangerous animals. TW1000 peppersprays can also be used to ward off human attackers and are successfully used in that capacity in countries in which such application is lawfully permitted, such as France and Switzerland. In Germany, peppersprays are only approved for use against animals.

TW1000 Sprays in Law Enforcement Quality
Spray devices specifically developed for use by law enforcement are also available with interchangeable OC cartridges for use in the civilian market.

HOERNECKE ensures professionals. The “Original TW1000” product line for professional use is a series of highly effective systems that are successfully used in everyday police work to fend off physical violence. TW1000 spray systems can target and incapacitate individuals from a distance while preventing dangerous or lethal injuries.