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Alsetex is expert in pyrotechnic systems and services. We cover the range of our products’ life cycle: feasibility studies, design, development, industrialization , qualification, production, storage, freight and logistics, installation, training, maintenance, refurbishing, collecting and dismantling.

ALSETEX maintains full control over every stage in the lifecycle of its products, which are also backed by a wide range of complementary services, including design, expertise, training, logistics and dismantling.

Alsetex is specialised in the manufacture of law enforcement product. In France, its products and services fully comply with the strict specifications of the French government

Export requires the express authorization of an Inter-ministerial Commission, which has the sole power of decision.




The signals product range is used for both professional and leisure applications.


Avalanche control

The avalauncher systems are used to secure ski areas whatever the weather even with no visibility.

Bird scaring system

Bird Scaring System includes all the CAPA system products for an efficient bird intrusion control.


Weather control

The weather control systems enable hail prevention, rain enhancement to fill out lakes or snowfalls.



To face the rise of vandalism and burglaries, protection systems have become a necessity.



Control and training smokes are used in fire simulations and air flow tests.