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Patriot 3 (elevation)

Patriot3 is the world leader in Elevated Tactics Systems (ETS). The Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS) is the most capable ETS manufactured by Patriot3 and was first introduced by Patriot3 in 2000. Since its introduction, Patriot3 has delivered over 200 ETS worldwide. The MARS has been tested and proven in law enforcement and utilized by the US Military in Iraq where the MARS was the only ETS in the world to be used in a combat environment. In Iraq, the MARS distinguished itself as a viable alternative to ground level entry, one of the most dangerous points of entry in any mission, military and law enforcement.

Since the creation of the MARS, the Liberator HX, RAID (Rescue, Access, Intervention, Deployment), ARC (Articulating Ramp Conversion) and the OSR (Off-Set Ramp) have been designed to further facilitate many end user’s operational needs; making Patriot3’s ETS the fastest, safest, and most reliable tactical access systems in the World!

Patriot3’s Elevated Tactics Systems are used by Elite Counter-Terrorism Units, Law Enforcement, Military, Federal Agencies, Special Forces Groups and more, throughout the world. Through intense training and mission preparedness, operators ready themselves for response to a variety of situations; Aircraft Interdictions, Multi-Floor Assaults, Bus/Linear Assaults, Perimeter Clearing, Ship-at-Dock Assaults, Hostage Rescue, and much more. With Patriot3’s ETS in current use around the world, they have and continue to prove themselves in real-world missions as an integral tool to ensure success!

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