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SureFire, the tactical technology company®, manufactures illumination tools that are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable. Our flashlights produce optimal beams — no dark holes, rings, hot spots, or shadows. When you own a SureFire flashlight, you own the best.




Designed for peak performance in the harshest environments, SureFire Weapon Lights are compact, recoil-proof due to their virtually indestructible LED emitter, attach securely to your integral pistol rail (adapters available for rail-less pistols), and produce a brilliant white beam.



SureFire headlamps provide smooth, powerful illumination—optimized to your field of vision—that’s easily adjustable with the turn of a dial. Choose from 123A lithium-powered Minimus models, a AA-powered version, or the rechargeable SureFire Maximus that offers an astonishing 500 lumens of maximum output. High-performance LEDs, rugged bodies, and comfortable fine-mesh headbands set SureFire headlamps far above the rest.



The SureFire® Helmet Light provides low-signature, night-vision friendly illumination for night navigation and close-quarter work like reading maps, loading gear, or repairing equipment in the field. Featuring virtually indestructible LEDs, the compact, weatherproof Helmet Light produces white, colored, and infrared output at multiple power levels. It clamps to the rim of TC 2000 MICH or similar helmets. Designed originally for military and SWAT applications, the lightweight SureFire Helmet Light is also an option for caving, climbing, construction, or search-and-rescue operations.