Galvion Development

As the Revision Military 18 years ago, the best goggles were offered to military and tactical users around the world. Throughout the year, strategic investments were made to enable them to move into new markets, which significantly expanded our capabilities as a company and fundamentally changed the focus of the mission. In September 2019, a goggles company called Revision Military was sold to change its business and focus. GALVION

Who are they?

Galvion believes in people-centered innovation. The work is done proactively by identifying and resolving problems that have not been resolved by others. 18 years of experience, proven skills and a reputation for excellence, yet we constantly strive to exceed expectations and imagination, whether it’s the partnership, the solutions we offer or the products we deliver. Galvion honors its history, applies its skills, and secures its future.

What are they doing?

Galvion is moving forward as a more focused provider of Armor, Power and Advanced Concept solutions. Luukase’s technologically sophisticated and active products for the survival and stopping power of modern military and other demanding end users. Designs, develops and offers best-in-class purpose-built solutions for military and tactical use around the world.

Ballistic helmets:

Viper P4

Traditional ACH helmet, but modernized. The Batlskin Viper® P4 system is up to 24% lighter than the US Army’s predecessor, the ACH, shifting the boundaries of weight loss while maintaining ballistic and fragmentation protection.

Caiman Ballistic Helmet

Caiman’s ballistic helmet is a smooth, lightweight helmet solution for the next generation of special operations. The series of modular accessories enhances this helmet package, ensuring that users are provided with the lightest, most comfortable and most powerful head protection possible. This item is only available to military, law enforcement and government end users.

Achievements and Top Contracts:

More than 1.4 million helmets were delivered to the U.S. Department of Defense
• More than 40,000 helmets were sold to federal and law enforcement agencies
• Canadian Special Operations Helmet System Solutions Provider
• 3000 NervCentr® SoloPack Share, SharePack ™ batteries and chargers delivered to Marine Corp. and US Air Force
• Since 2013, 7,000 troops have been assigned to the U.S. Department of Defense and established a U.S. Army program
• 80 Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP) system (1 SWBP = 10 SWatPacks) developed for the Canadian Southeast Intelligence Surveillance System
• 24 6T Li-Ion SWitchPack ™ batteries and battery cases for integration into the US Army High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle Fleet (HMMWV)

All of the next generation of European helmet programs: won since 2012
• UK MoD program VIRTUS: Supplier of 100,000 next generation light helmet kits
• Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO): contract awarded for the supply of the next generation of lightweight helmets. To date, more than 8,000 have been delivered.
• Dutch DMO: won a 7-year contract to supply 48,000 high-performance light helmets
• Israeli Defense Forces; contract won to supply 18,000 next-generation light helmets with new geometry.
• UK SF: Wins contract to supply Smart Helmet System to UK Special Forces.
• UAE: 70,000 helmets delivered in the last 4 years

In addition, new special solutions are offered to the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, Indonesia and Botswana



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