For more than 30 years, LHERITIER has designed and manufactured rugged cameras and sophisticated surveillance systems for the defense, security, energy, aerospace industries . Based on the ingenious use of commercial sensors with built-in image enhancement algorithms, the company has complete control over its product design, R&D and testing processes, offering customers a wide range of skills and cutting-edge technology. In addition to an extensive catalog of COTS products, LHERITIER also offers customized modular solutions that can meet any specific requirements.

With outstanding day / night High Definition (FULL HD) capabilities, CAT EYE challenges the infrared detection capabilities available so far. Face detection over 200 m, fast-moving target observation and potential hazards over 10 km. Since its inception in 2015, CAT EYE has been sold to various countries around the world, including France. CAT EYE can be used as a handheld camera or integrated into a fixed or mobile gyrostatic system (PTZ / Pan-Tilt-Zoom System).

Head-Up-Display (HUD) cameras designed for combat and training, recording concurrent and other required HUD data. Used on the latest generation of fighters and training aircrafts: F15, F18, Rafale, Mirage 2000, Mirage F1, Alpha Jet. The HUD is the latest generation technology for missions to ensure better quality and greater reliability (MTBF sup 12,000 FH)

High quality low light HD camera.
+ AIR visible (TV) channel
+ EARTH 360 ° periscope observation (day or low light); Additional ground-based radar and remote sensing applications
+ MARINE Remote sensing of ships; Static periscope masts

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