Galvion Development

18 years ago, the Revision Military offered the best goggles to military and tactical users around the world. Throughout the year, strategic investments were made that allowed them to move into new markets, which significantly expanded our capabilities as a company and fundamentally changed the focus of the mission. In September 2019, the goggles company with the name Revision Military was sold to change its business and focus on a new direction. GALVION

Who are they?

Galvion believes in people-centered innovation. The work is done proactively by identifying and solving problems that have not been solved by others. 18 years of experience, proven skills and a reputation for excellence, but still striving to exceed expectations and imagination, be it a partnership, solutions or products delivered. Galvion honors its history, applies its skills and secures its future.

What are they doing?

Galvion is moving forward as a more focused provider of Armor, Power and Advanced Concept solutions. Luukase’s technologically sophisticated and active products for the survival and suspension of modern military and other demanding end users. Designs, develops and offers best-in-class purpose-built solutions for military and tactical use around the world.

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