ASP motto says it all. For more than forty years, they have focused uniformly on providing law enforcement officers with the best tools to perform their duties safely. Every day, professionals in more than 100 countries trust our products and training with their lives – so they can’t afford less than the best.

Bars, handcuffs and tactical flashlights have been literally approved by thousands of law enforcement agencies around the world. Below are just a few examples of the many management organizations that have deployed and trusted ASP devices. Click here for a complete list of agency approvals.

ASP designs and manufactures products in different but related product categories:

OC “Pepper Spray”: With its finely finished, processed and ribbed aluminum barrels, ASP OC Defenders look like high-end flashlights – not like the typical, obvious pepper spray products. Training Tools: From our famous red weapons to specially designed handcuffs and clubs and more. Their equipment reflects a world-class heritage of hands-on training and a commitment to officer safety.

Telescopic Batons: ASP US Flag Product – Legendary and dominant enough in the field for a law enforcement officer to simply refer to a club as “asp”. Even though there is only one true original ASP® trademark. There are over 60 different combinations of mechanisms, sizes, materials and finishes.

Handcuffs: With the entry of handcuffs into the business, a product category that generations have gone without innovation has been shaken. Their handcuffs have pushed the boundaries of smart features, speed, ease of use and safety. A set of new standards, quality and accuracy.



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