Alsetex is an expert in pyrotechnics systems and services. Alsetex covers the entire life cycle of its products: feasibility studies, design, development, industrialization, qualification, manufacturing, warehousing, freight and logistics, installation, training, maintenance, renovation, assembly and dismantling.

Alsetex specializes in the production of law enforcement products. In France, its products and services fully comply with the strict specifications of the French government. Exports require the explicit authorization of the inter-ministerial commission, which has sole decision-making power.

To ensure that the quality of SAE ALSETEX’s service is consistent over time, regardless of activity, good practice must “meet the standard” so that the company operates in accordance with rules that are recognized and shared by all parties involved.


+ Values ​​- Shared across company
+ Ambitious quality targets are reviewed on a monthly basis
+ Commitment to continued customer satisfaction


Signaling missiles
Smoke grenades
Smoke cover
Bird scaring equipment
Protective equipment
Avalanche control

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