Patriot 3

Patriot 3 Elevated (P3E) is the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical systems for high altitude deliveries (ETS). Patriot 3 Elevated Mobile adjustable ramp MARS is the most capable ladder system Patriot 3 (First introduced in 2000). More than 200 systems have been produced since then. MARS has been tested and proven among law enforcement agencies used by the United States in the Iraq war, where MARS was the only ETS used in combat situations. In the Iraq war, MARS was a good solution when it became too dangerous to enter the country.

Since the production of MARS, Liberator HX, RAID, ARC and OSR systems have been developed to cover all possible end-user needs in different situations. Patriot3 is by far the fastest, most reliable and most reliable tactical entry system in the world.

Can I install a ramp system on an existing vehicle?

Yes. However, the vehicle must meet the necessary installation and load requirements. Advanced tactical systems have been installed on more than 35 different operator vehicles, including HMMWVs, Lenco, Gurkha, Ford Trucks and Achleitner armored vehicles.

Does the Patriot3 equip the vehicle with any ramp systems?

Yes. The MARS (Ford F-550) and RAID (GMC Van) can be sold immediately with the vehicle in a ‘turnkey’ package. All ramp systems are specially designed and manufactured to fit safely and securely with the machine selected by the operator.

I want an ETS for our team’s vehicle, do I need to send it to Patriot3 for installation?

No. After the Patriot3 helps you identify the best system for your vehicle, a ramp will be prepared at our company and sent to the location of the vehicle. The Patriot3 installation team conducts on-site installation and safety tests.

Today’s tactical response capabilities require more innovative tactical equipment than ever before due to evolving threats. Patriot3 helps you choose the best ramp system, host car and accessories to suit your mission requirements.


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